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“I’ve been to psychiatrists and therapists for 13 years and NONE of them told me this stuff.” - Jeannie  
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You are receiving 3 Free Video lessons that will teach you my personal techniques for eliminating anxiety and helping you live a worry-free life day to day!
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The 20 Ways to Calm From Anxiety and Panic Video + Download Handout

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Dos & Don'ts of Anxiety

Free Lesson #3

What to Do if You are Sick and Tired of Being Afraid All the Time
Who is Jodi Aman?
Anxiety Tamer & Author of "You 1, Anxiety 0"
You name it, I’ve helped people with every problem in the book: Anxiety, depression, divorce, chronic pain, illness, eating disorders, abuse trauma, gender identity, relationship issues, as well as military/war trauma.

You can call me an anxiety-tamer. A forgiveness-counselor. A relationship-coach. A guilt-releaser. An unconditional-lover and a hope-renewer.

To make it simple...all I do is reflect back the good in you that you show me. I help you break down guilt and fear. Get over it, and get rid of it! Then, you can move on to greener pastures where your purpose and potential can shine. And you can be happier than you ever thought possible.

I don’t tell you what to do, I show you.
Learn How to Eliminate Anxiety!
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