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  •  Identify the ways anxiety manipulates and entraps you.
  •  Gives you the tools you can use to see through anxiety’s mind tricks.
  •  Helps you break free from the prison of fear, stress, and doubt.
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Anxiety Feels Like Hell ... Kick It To The Curb!
'You 1, Anxiety 0' Has ALREADY Dramatically Changed The Lives Of Countless People Around The World!
From: Jodi Aman
Rochester, New York

Are you feeling plagued by self-doubt and worry that you can handle difficult situations?

Do you wish you had more confidence at work or in relationships?

Has anxiety stopped you from doing things in your life that you would enjoy (or used to enjoy?)
Anxiety is highly treatable. In fact, it is curable. You just need to know what do!
I am so glad to have you here where negative self-judgments whither, and self-love abounds. My heart is open to receive the struggles on your mind. I felt them before, so I understand! Let's get rid of your worries and get you onto the path of living anxiety-free, so you can have space for JOY, CONNECTION, adventure, and purpose in your days!  

I’m going to show you how to stop stressing and start living.

There are six steps to healing from anxiety.
  •  You 1, Anxiety 0 will help you understand anxiety and learn the lies that it tells.
  •  You , Anxiety 0 shares you how to cultivate your control and make peace with yourself, so that you are no longer vulnerable. 
  •  You 1, Anxiety 0 will give you the tools to change your negative beliefs and invites you prioritized the right daily self-care skills.  
Take back control of your life, and this book is your guide
You 1, Anxiety 0 Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...
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Andrea Riley
Author Jodi Aman knows Anxiety well. She knows where it lives, where it works, what it does for fun and what it likes to order at Mexican restaurants. You 1 Anxiety 0 is her toolkit derived from 20 years of successfully treating clents with anxiety and having had severe anxiety herself. In this book Aman first starts by convincing you that you do deserve to feel better and that victory over anxiety is attainable because you have more power to change things than you think you do. She then dissects this huge Anxiety monster into bite-sized pieces.

I loved the beginning--warm, comforting and tension relieving like shoulder rub. The middle--where she calls out Anxiety on its mind games and dirty tricks--was hard to read because it hit so close to home. It's awkward to see some of your own (irrational) thoughts in print. You will undoubtedly see yourself on some of these pages and you might squirm a little. That's a good thing. It isn't easy or comfortable to stare Anxiety in the eye, but Aman guides you through the process with warmth, humor, and compassion. The Marie Curie quote "nothing in life is to be feared, only understood" heads one of the chapters but it also summarizes the book. Aman helps you understand anxiety from every possible angle so that you can no longer be afraid.

I would recommend this book to anyone struggling- a lot or a little- with anxiety. It really puts the tools in your hands to tame the beast. Most importantly, it gives you the assurance that it's even possible to do so. This is a book to read, re-read, and keep as a resource.
Jen Turrell
Because of several difficult experiences in my childhood, anxiety and depression have been lifelong companions. I have tried a lot of different strategies to deal with them, including therapy and both prescribed medication and self-medicating. This book has helped me a lot. During the course of reading it I was weaning myself off of my antidepressant and anti-anxiety medications again under doctor supervision- I'd tried before and failed. But reading her book right at this time helped me tremendously. I have been off of all medication for nearly 5 months now and keep returning to this book rather than my doctor when I come up against something that brings up those old feelings again. I'm not going to say I am forever cured of anxiety and depression, I'm not sure that is ever true for anyone who has struggled with them. There is always the potential for something in life to trigger those thoughts and feelings. But this book has really helped me through some difficult times that I think in the past would have sent me back to my pills. I'm exercising more. I'm reading more. I'm listening to audio books and learning new things daily. And I am writing more than I have ever written in my life right now. Thank you, Jodi for this book and for the great work that you are doing.
Harvey Deutschendorf
For the many of us who have experienced anxiety in our lives, this book is a wonderful gift. The author has not only overcome anxiety in her own life, but worked as a therapist for 20 years helping people work through their anxiety. On top of her personal experiences, Jodi has also done a great deal of research to back up what she is talking about.
There is so much of great value in this book that it is difficult to get it all into one review. Her own stories of struggling with anxiety along with examples of people she has worked with add a deeply felt human element to the book. There are numerous exercises and even videos that the reader can view on you tube. Added to this are inspiring and uplifting quotes that add hope and zest to the various sections of the book. The author's storytelling talent and writing ability make the book move smoothly and a joy to read.
I have struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember, but after reading You 1 Anxiety 0, I knew I could conquer it. I found it hard to stop reading, because I related to her story and her struggle. Now I was hearing clear, easy, sensible strategies that I could incorporate into living a new way. It felt like a was reading about my life, and her solutions gave me new hope that I could overcome this and I could live a life free from the anxiety that left me living in fear. So goodbye anxiety, I no longer believe the lie and thank you Jodi Aman for showing me I how I can live anxiety free.
JD Bailey

If you feel that anxiety is running your life, You: 1, Anxiety: 0 is a must-read book. Jodi Aman has an incredible talent for helping people with anxiety realize that not only can they gain control over their anxiety, they deserve to be free of anxiety. Filled with real-life examples, easy-to-understand explanations, and action plans, this book breaks down exactly how anxiety wraps its tentacles around you—and how, by understanding its tactics, you can banish it for good.
Caitlin M Byrnes
As a long time anxiety sufferer, I can tell you that this book really helps turn things around. Jodi's way of breaking down every tactic anxiety uses to tighten it's grip on you, while simultaneously making sure there is no judgement against the sufferer, is profound and extremely helpful.

For so long I've heard "If you're anxious, you just have to change your mindset" or that "You can only control your own thoughts and feelings." But what about those of us who CAN'T do that? It just creates more self-judgement, which leads to more anxiety. Jodi acknowledges that fact from the very beginning, and makes it very clear that anxiety is NOT your fault. Game-changer!
Corinne Zupko
LOVE this book!! Jodi Aman takes us through her personal anxiety story and provides ways of working through anxiety that have not only worked for her, but have worked for thousands of her clients who struggle with anxiety too. The book is refreshingly powerful and the exercises are easy to implement. Jodi deconstructs anxiety and brings the reader into clearly looking at all of the tricks anxiety plays. The end result is peace! I not only recommend this book for people with anxiety, but for therapists who work with clients with anxiety. The tools in the book can be easily implemented in session. This book is a must-read!!
Patty Borges-Madden
I have anxiety and panic attacks. I’m learning to deal with them and be in charge. Jodi, a therapist and shaman, has taught me lots about how to be in charge of my life and how to deal with anxiety. I’ve learned from her in person and in videos. I’ve read this book, and it is like Jodi was writing a letter to me personally, telling me all of the secrets that she has learned about dealing with anxiety. I really respect her knowledge because I know she has dealt with her own severe anxiety.
Like I mentioned before, this book is free. All I ask is that you help me cover the printing and postage costs of $7.95.

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There Is NO CATCH!
I was introduced to anxiety when I was just 5 years old. I spent decades running away but still not able to get out from under the thumb of anxiety. This caused and was further complicated by a low self-esteem, loneliness and depression by the time I was a teenager and young adult. I tried everything, but I remained sad and scared. One day when I was almost 30, I decided to stop running and figure out this thing called anxiety. 
It took research and practice and a lot of patience and trust, but I found the answer. 
I clawed my way to freedom and completely cured myself of anxiety and depression with lots of dedication and commitment to practicing my skills.

I’m not the only one. I have used these same steps to helping thousands of other people treating anxiety in the last 20 years as a therapist. Then, I dedicated my life to helping people get over their fears, recover from the past, and generate happiness in their life. For this I created online programs, wrote a book and have uploaded over 200 videos online that people have told me have transformed lives.

Well, there are actually a few reasons...
  •  It's my way to help as many people as possible actually enjoy life and begin to build a life of abundant joy and happiness.
  •  I want you to no longer be afraid of panic and anxiety loosening and then releasing it’s hold on you.
  •  This is the path to begin to trust yourself and have more confidence in your life.
  •  You must begin the process of minimizing physical pain that is ailing you in your life.
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With Happiness And Love,
Jodi Aman
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